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Daley Metals has been providing all your steel fabrication and equipment manufacturing needs for over 17 years. Our facility houses the latest technology and machining for all your metal fabrication and manufacturing needs. We offer solutions to your most difficult projects and we make special requests available.

Plasma Cutting

Daley Metals has the equipment and knowledge to carry out any of your plasma cutting needs. Typical materials cut by plasma cutting include steel, aluminum, brass and copper. Other materials can be cut with plasma cutting as well, the size and specifications of the project will have to be considered.

Service 1

Our experienced machine operators are able to produce high speed, precision cuts that will fit your needs. We have had many clients that have requested the use of plasma cutting over the years and we always make sure we deliver high-quality work. The latest plasma cutting equipment can be found in our facility to benefit your metal manufacturing requests.

High Precision Plasma Cutting:

Latest technology and machining

Highly skilled experts

Variety of materials

Variety of widths and thickness