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Daley Metals has been providing all your steel fabrication and equipment manufacturing needs for over 17 years. Our facility houses the latest technology and machining for all your metal fabrication and manufacturing needs. We offer solutions to your most difficult projects and we make special requests available.

Shearing & Punching

Our specialty tooling at Daley Metals alongside our years of experience allows us to manufacture and adhere to any of your custom metal shearing/die cutting and punching needs. Our shearing capabilities allow us to cut or strip your metal while our punching capabilities will allow further customization of your project with a clean and shapely punching process.

Service 1

We offer conventional shearing to carry out a convenient metal cutting process to handle any project that requires it. We are able to shear a large variety of metals with a wide range of thickness and width. Sheet metal punching is also available at Daley Metals, where we successively punch a series of shapes into different types of metal.

Customized Shearing & Punching:

Custom straight-cut shearing

Custom punching to your specifications

Blanking, piercing, roll slitting and trimming

Extensive width and thickness capabilities

Many years of shearing & punching experience